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The Disabled & Handicapped Printshop has been dedicated to employing people with impairments, disabilities and other disadvantages. Thanks to business people throughout the USA we have succeeded in creating permanent full time employment for these highly qualified individuals. By ordering your promotional products from the The Disabled & Handicapped Printshop, you create jobs for people who typically have an unemployment rate exceeding 78%.

Employer of the Year Award
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Our Mission: Is and has been to provide permanent full time positions on a year round basis for individuals with disabilities. We are going on our 32nd year of success.

We are dedicated to employing people with all types of disabilities. Please visit our employee page to meet a few of our workers that have been employed here for a minimum of 10 years. We strongly encourage all business owners to consider hiring those with disabilities whenever possible.

Our customers purchase our products because they know the benefits of advertising and creating goodwill with their customers. We strive to offer exceptional service and quality. Our motto is "Disabled does not mean unable" . As a matter of fact it is the reason we strive for the highest possible quality. This is why our customers come back to purchase again and again. All of our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

By purchasing products from us they are doing their part to employ a segment of the population with a 78% unemployment rate.
"By ordering your promotional products from The Disabled & Handicapped Printshop, you will create jobs for people with disabilities, who typically have an unemployment rate exceeding 75%. All products are 100% guaranteed with fast delivery anywhere in the continental United States."






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